3 Things To Address When Planning Your Reception Dinner

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Your reception dinner is a time for celebration. It will be your first chance to cut loose and enjoy yourself after your ceremony, and your opportunity to really interact with your guests. While there are traditions associated with the reception, it can also give you more freedom to create the event as you see fit. Taking time at the start of your planning to determine some of the bigger choices you have to make can bring your reception into sharper relief. Having that picture in mind can make the rest of your planning easier, and help you create a memorable reception for you and your guests.

1. Figuring Out How To Approach Serving Drinks

There is no set rule for serving drinks, and many people experiment with different choices. Some couples will opt for a signature drink, while others will forgo this step. Opting for a cash bar instead of an open bar can help you control expenses, but some couples are more at ease taking on this cost to keep the drinks flowing. As a compromise, you may want to offer free wine and beer, but have a cash bar for liquor drinks. If you do choose to go with an open bar, we have a designated vendor for this service.

2. Think About What Food To Serve, And How You Want To Serve It

When it comes to food, the choice is not just what to serve, but how to serve it. You can serve plated meals, provide a buffet, or even serve food family-style at the tables.

3. Planning For Music, And Other Entertainment Considerations

As with food and drink, you should not feel constrained by your music options. Do you have certain songs that must be played? Tell your DJ! If you prefer to keep a hands-off approach with music, that’s okay, too!

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