Designing Your Wedding Program

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

The wedding program you design can neatly outline the order of events that will take place during your ceremony. Of course, they can do more than just let guests know what you have planned. Wedding programs are often kept as keepsakes by guests, who can use them to commemorate the event. You can also use the program to list who is involved in your wedding (giving you a chance to recognize and thank important family and friends). You can use a more traditional design for your program, or you can take a DIY approach, and create something unique!

Your Wedding Program Can Help Your Guests Feel Connected To You

If your ceremony includes moments that are connected to your faith, your program can help explain these moments to individuals who are not familiar with these practices. You can also use the program to explain the significance of certain moments in the ceremony. Taking these steps will help guests feel more connected to you, and to your wedding.

Recognizing The People Who Are Contributing To Your Wedding

Your program should list those who are participating in your ceremony. This includes anyone performing a special task, like a reading. You can use space in your program to thank people for contributing, and to honor important family members.

Adding A Little Creativity To Your Program Design

Are you looking for a way to make your program stand out? You can always take on the design responsibilities yourself, and put together your own program. A DIY approach can allow you to show your creative spark, and to make something truly unexpected and original.

Let Texas Old Town Host Your Ceremony On Your Special Day

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