Helping Your Groom Feel Involved In Planning Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

It can be all too easy to think of a wedding as something the bride is responsible for planning. In reality, couples will often find that a division of tasks will make it easier to prepare for your special day. What you may discover is that you have spent more time thinking about what you want from your ceremony, and you may have a clearer vision for what you want. If you want to find ways to include a groom who is less enthused about wedding planning, or just less confident in his planning ability, discuss what aspects are of interest to him. You can also find little touches that help him feel he has some control over what happens. These conversations can help make sure you both feel invested in your wedding plan, whether you intend to take on a DIY approach to your wedding, or if you prefer to purchase an all-inclusive wedding package.

Find Out His Interests, And His Concerns

As you start the planning process, make sure you touch base with your future groom, to see what he thinks. Some grooms will want to provide limited input on the ceremony, but have more interest in the reception. This can range from preferences on music, food, or what kind of drink services (if any) you should offer. You should also use this conversation to talk about their concerns. If they are worried about the budgeting demands of the wedding, it may impact your ideas for the event.

Consider A Groom’s Cake

A groom’s cake is a trend that has shown increasing popularity. Alongside the wedding cake, you can have a specially designed cake that reflects the groom’s personality, and interests. The right cake vendor can help you create just the right dessert to let your future husband’s character shine.

Planning An Amazing Wedding At Texas Old Town

At Texas Old Town, you and your groom can look forward to a meaningful, magical wedding day experience. We offer great amenities, and lovely event spaces that capitalize on the natural surrounding beauty of Texas hill country. Texas Old Town is sure to make your wedding, special event, or corporate event something to remember! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.