Honoring Family During Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Many people are eager to take a moment and honor their family during their wedding, but you may be unsure of how you can include this in your event. While some family members can be included in your wedding party, and given official roles, others – like grandparents – may not fit so neatly in your plans. When you face questions like this, one thing you should keep in mind is that you have the freedom to exercise some creativity. You can include a moment for a family member to do a reading during your ceremony, to offer them a touching means of participating in your wedding. Many couples will purchase special boutonnieres or corsages for certain members of their family, to designate them as honored guests.

Finding Special Roles For Family Members During Your Ceremony

You know your family, and you know what they may or may not be comfortable with. If a certain person is on the shy side, and reluctant to stand before your guests, providing a boutonniere or corsage can be enough for them to feel appreciated. Alternatively, you may have someone who thrives in this sort of spotlight, and can provide a reading. If you have a musically inclined relative, they may be interested in providing a performance as part of your ceremony.

Taking Time To Honor Family During Your Reception

The parents’ dance is a staple of the reception dinner, but this is not the only way you can take a moment to honor family members. One unexpected delight for people is to see themselves woven into your decorations. Finding creative decorative uses for family photos, for instance, can be a fun DIY wedding project that will help your guests connect to you, while also recognizing the importance of your family in your life.

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