Month: November 2017

Things To Consider When You Register For Gifts

By bringing gifts from your registry to your wedding, your guests can help you fill your shared home with items you need, and show that they care. By building the most useful, user-friendly registry possible, you can make this experience easier for everyone. Couples often feel as though they need to limit themselves to only… Read more »

Enjoying A Winter Wedding

While couples in the past may have considered winter an “off-season” for weddings, many couples are discovering just how magical a winter wedding can be. One advantage is that you can have an easier time procuring the vendors and services you want, and you can discover that less competition for dates makes it easier to… Read more »

Designing Your Wedding Program

The wedding program you design can neatly outline the order of events that will take place during your ceremony. Of course, they can do more than just let guests know what you have planned. Wedding programs are often kept as keepsakes by guests, who can use them to commemorate the event. You can also use… Read more »

You Can Plan Your Wedding In Less Time Than You Think

After the proposal, some couples prepare themselves for what they believe will be a long, involved process of planning their wedding. What you might not realize is that you can put together an amazing wedding in less time than you might realize. In fact, giving yourself less time to plan a wedding can help you… Read more »

Hosting A Memorable Corporate Event

As the year reaches its conclusions, many businesses find time to reward the dedication and hard work of their employees with a year-end event. Texas Old Town offers a great setting for a corporate event, as well as a supportive amenities package. There is no single way to throw the “right” corporate event. That being… Read more »

Using A Wedding Book To Help Organize Your Planning Efforts

A wedding book, or wedding binder, is something many brides over the years have used to organize their efforts to plan their weddings. Some couples will find it easier to perform planning tasks on a computer, or a tablet, but many people still enjoy having a physical collection of everything they need to turn their… Read more »

Making Sure Your Bridal Look Fits Your Personal Style

Your personal style deserves to be showcased on your wedding day. Much of that style will be present in the way you decorate your ceremony and reception spaces. Of course, you can also use your wedding day look to celebrate what you love about your personal fashion preferences. If you feel that the traditional bridal… Read more »

3 Things To Address When Planning Your Reception Dinner

Your reception dinner is a time for celebration. It will be your first chance to cut loose and enjoy yourself after your ceremony, and your opportunity to really interact with your guests. While there are traditions associated with the reception, it can also give you more freedom to create the event as you see fit…. Read more »

Honoring Family During Your Wedding

Many people are eager to take a moment and honor their family during their wedding, but you may be unsure of how you can include this in your event. While some family members can be included in your wedding party, and given official roles, others – like grandparents – may not fit so neatly in… Read more »

Helping Your Groom Feel Involved In Planning Your Wedding

It can be all too easy to think of a wedding as something the bride is responsible for planning. In reality, couples will often find that a division of tasks will make it easier to prepare for your special day. What you may discover is that you have spent more time thinking about what you… Read more »