Planning A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

Professional Photo By: Brio Photography

Hosting a smaller, more intimate wedding can help you lower your planning costs, but the benefits of this approach extend to more than just your bank statement. When you plan a smaller wedding, you can feel more connected to your guests. You can also take on decorative projects and DIY wedding projects that would be overwhelming for a larger celebration. Planning a more intimate wedding can also make it easier to arrange everything you need when you are planning to host your wedding on relatively short notice. Keeping your guest list short also lets you plan an event that feels less formal, and more focused on you, your partner, and the people you care about.

Decorating Your Wedding With DIY Projects

When you limit the number of guests you invite, and opt for a more intimate gathering, you can make many decorating and planning responsibilities feel easier to take on. A smaller affair can be great for brides who want to tackle DIY projects. This way, you can complete whatever tasks you want to take on to create your own decorative space, and put your individual stamp on your event.

Ways To Make Your Reception Feel More Intimate, And More Fun

A smaller reception can mean more time to interact with your guests, and more flexibility when it comes to planning your meal. You should feel free to exercise some flexibility when it comes to choosing seating arrangements, serving arrangements, and the food you offer. A shorter guest list can also allow you to splurge on finer meals, or limit the financial impact on an open bar.

Talk To Texas Old Town About Hosting Your Intimate Wedding

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