Selecting Attire For Your Wedding Party

Professional Photo By: Pine & Blossom Photography

Finding the right tuxedo for the groom, and the perfect dress for the bride, are important parts of wedding planning. Of course, these are not the only fashion choices you will need to make while you prepare for your big day. You and your partner will need to select an appropriate look for the members of your wedding party who will be joining you at the altar during your ceremony. There are many factors to consider – for instance, an outdoor ceremony will make weather-appropriate choices important. You do have some freedom when it comes to these choices. That said, looking for measures of visual unity, and making sure everyone’s attire fits the formality of the event, can help ensure your choices are a big hit with guests.

Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding a single dress that flatters all of your bridesmaids can be a tall order. In some cases, brides will look for an option that suits everyone, or select something that can be altered to fit individuals. You also have the option of letting your bridesmaids pick different dresses that are unified around a specific color and fabric.

Style Options For Groomsmen

Many people will opt for a tuxedos, or a classic black suit and tie option for their groomsmen, which creates unity and uniformity among them. However, this is not something you should feel beholden to. Remember, you want your wedding party to fit the formality of the event. If you are having a less formal affair, you can move away from the more conservative choices, and dress them down a bit. This can be useful if you are having an outdoor wedding in a warmer environment – finding a stylish way to ditch suit jackets can make the ceremony more comfortable.

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