Setting Up A Trial Session To Plan Your Hair And Makeup

Professional Photo By: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

In order to make sure their hair and makeup look amazing on their big day, many brides will hire professional stylists to prepare them. Before the actual ceremony, you should look forward to a trial session. During a trial session, you and your stylists (or stylist, if you have one person for both hair and makeup) will figure out your wedding day look. When you have your hair and makeup styled before the wedding, you can gauge how long you should expect these tasks to take on your special day. This also affords your stylists the opportunity to see if there are any issues preventing you from showing off your ideal look.

Making The Most Of Your Trial Session

Your trial session will allow your stylists to show what they can do. These appointments also allow them to study your hair and skin, so they can plan to work around any issues that might complicate your styling. With this information, they will be able to give you a more accurate idea of how long it will take to prepare you on your wedding day.

If you want to make the most of your trial sessions, have them take place the day of an event like your bachelorette party. That way, you have your hair and makeup looking amazing when you go out!

Having Your Hair And Makeup Done On Your Big Day

Having your hair and makeup done on your wedding day can help you feel ready to step up to the altar, but you need to accommodate the time in your schedule. Offering a stylist a limited amount of time to work can lead to trouble if there are any unexpected delays or issues. Of course, allotting too much time can lead to sacrificing time in other areas. This is why the trial run is so useful – you can schedule smartly, and avoid running into these kinds of concerns.

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