Things To Consider When You Register For Gifts

By bringing gifts from your registry to your wedding, your guests can help you fill your shared home with items you need, and show that they care. By building the most useful, user-friendly registry possible, you can make this experience easier for everyone. Couples often feel as though they need to limit themselves to only requesting needed items. However, you can exercise more flexibility than you realize. In addition to the necessities, you can throw in some fun requests. What is important is making sure your guests have plenty to choose from, and have an easy time finding items you have requested.

Make Sure Your Guests Have Plenty Of Options To Choose From

Making your registry easy to shop from is important – look to select items from stores that have online shopping available. This is particularly beneficial to guests who are coming in from out of town, as it can be hard to predict what shopping options are near them. Access should not be your only consideration. Selecting gifts that come in a range of prices, with some cheaper items, will help guests with limited budgets.

When thinking about stores to build your registry, the consideration isn’t just about your guests. Be sure to look at the return policies of any place you use to build your registry – difficult policies can lead to trouble if you wind up needing to bring something back.

Take Stock Of What You Need (And What You Want)

Your registry can include some fun items, too! Many couples make the mistake of feeling as though their registry is limited to practical choices. While some feel that a cash gift is not acceptable, if you and your future spouse are comfortable with it, it may be an easier gift option for some guests.

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