Managing Wedding Day Responsibilities

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Your wedding ceremony can be a beautiful, meaningful, even serene affair. Of course, this only comes after considerable preparation on your big day. The happy couple, and the people in your wedding party, will need time to prepare. For the bride and bridal party members, this will include taking time for hair and makeup. You may also find yourself fielding questions from guests who are on their way, or who have recently arrived. This may sound daunting, but you are not alone. Texas Old Town will have an on-site manager available to you. With their help, and with some advance planning, you can see to it that all of your responsibilities at the start of your wedding day are expertly managed.

Delegating Responsibility On Your Wedding Day

One way you can make sure everything is well managed during your wedding day is to see that responsibilities are delegated. Your on-site manager can be a big help, but you can also turn to a trusted guest for support. Having someone to step in between you and arriving guests can help you focus on preparing.

Making Sure You Know What Needs To Be Done On Your Special Day

Trial sessions for your hair and makeup can allow you to plan your wedding day look with some detail, but these appointments are also important for planning purposes. You can determine roughly how much time you will need to budget for these tasks on the day of your wedding, which will make it easier to figure out when these steps should occur. You are not the only one who needs to have a firm handle on your day-of itinerary – your wedding party members should be made aware, too.

Let Texas Old Town Host Your Amazing Wedding

At Texas Old Town, you can enjoy a truly amazing wedding day surrounded by the beauty of Texas hill country. Our natural outdoor ceremony spaces and spacious reception areas can be the perfect settings for your special day. Texas Old Town can help you put together a wedding, special event, or corporate event that is something to remember! To schedule a tour of our event venue located in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.