Pre-Wedding Events And People Outside Your Wedding Party

The pre-wedding events you take part in will allow the people close to you to show their love and support before your ceremony takes place. Activities like a bachelorette party allow you to form a tight bond with the people in your bridal party; your bridesmaids luncheon lets you thank them for their help and support. That being said, these events are certainly for more than just you and the people in your wedding party. Activities like engagement parties and bridal showers create moments where you can celebrate with the people close to you. Your rehearsal dinner, which includes your wedding party, and family members, will help you gather in the people closest to you, even if they have no direct part in the ceremony.

Engagement Parties And Bridal Showers

Engagement parties and bridal showers allow you to bring in family members, those in your wedding, and other people close to you and your partner. The engagement party is meant as a way to celebrate after your actual engagement is announced, or as a way to announce your engagement. Your bridal shower will take place at at later date, and will typically involve an exchange of gifts. Sending an invitation to these gatherings will let you show how much you appreciate people who are not directly involved in your wedding. This can include relatives, including older relatives who have no formal role in the ceremony.

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner will include your wedding party, but you and your future spouse will also have family members there. This is a great way for people to meet and talk before your wedding day. Holding the rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding can make it more convenient for relatives who are traveling to be at your ceremony.

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