Pre-Wedding Events And Your Bridal Party

Professional Photo By: Pine And Blossom Photography

The events that lead up to your wedding day are important because they help you connect with the people involved in your special day. Some of these events have a particular focus on the people who make up your bridal party. Your bridesmaids, and particularly your maid or matron of honor, will be a source of support and input during your wedding planning, while also taking a prominent role in your ceremony. The events that involve these important people in your life can give you the opportunity to show real gratitude for their role in your wedding, and in your life.

Your Bridal Shower

Your bridal shower is typically put together by your maid or matron of honor, but family members may be involved, too. This event will typically include people close to you who are not part of your wedding party, and you can include male guests. While the occasion is centered on the bride (and typically involves gifts for her), you can certainly take a moment to thank those people helping you prepare for your special day.

Your Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party is more focused on your bridal party, though you may include other close people. This tends to be a more raucous affair, but the level of activity you engage in is up to you! This event often helps everyone blow off steam before the wedding day.

Other Ways To Show Your Bridal Party You Appreciate Them

Many brides will make an occasion of inviting their wedding dress shopping, and will invite their bridesmaids to join in the hunt for the perfect bridal gown. You can also host a bridesmaids luncheon, where you formally show your appreciation to everyone in your bridal party. This is a great occasion to provide them with your bridesmaids gifts.

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