Serving Options For Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Brio Photography

The choices you make regarding what foods to serve, and what drinks to offer, are certainly important for your wedding reception. While these offerings may lack the visual appeal of your wedding cake, they are still capable of having a big impact on your guests’ overall enjoyment. Of course, your decisions are not limited to the items themselves. When it comes to offering food, you will need to decide if you want servers to bring meals to guests, or if you want to give them the ability to serve themselves. When it comes to serving drinks, many people like the idea of having an open bar available to everyone, but run into issues concerning cost. Smart compromises can help you relieve the pressure on your wallet, and keep your guests happy.

Different Ways To Present Your Guests With Their Meals

There are a wide range of choices you can make when it comes to serving food. You may go for a traditional caterer, but some couples will find that their favorite restaurant can cater a meal for them. When it comes to serving food, your choice should be in harmony with the style of your wedding. For example, a more formal ceremony can make it more reasonable to provide servers to bring meals. If you want to enjoy a more relaxed reception, you can have serving dishes provided at tables for a “family style” meal, or offer a buffet.

Serving Drinks To Your Guests

An open bar can be great, but it may be out of budget for some couples. You can provide a complimentary beverage or beverages (for instance, offering free beer and wine), while charging for liquor drinks.

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