Should Children Be Welcome At Your Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Because your wedding is a truly special occasion, you can be excited to include as many people in your life as you can. However, there are a number of issues every couple faces when it comes time to assemble a guest list. The matter of cost may affect the total number of people you can welcome to your special day. Of course, the guest count is not the only consideration – many people have to come to an agreement over whether kids should be welcome at the wedding. No matter which choice you ultimately make, the question of having children at the ceremony and reception can require some strategic planning.

You Can Limit Who Can Bring Kids

One compromise some couples will make involves limiting who can bring kids to the wedding. This can help you lower the number in attendance, making the event more manageable. The common approach is to only allow family members to bring children. This creates a clear demarcation, which makes it easier to explain why some people can bring their young ones, while others are asked to leave them at home.

Including Your Preference For Kids Or No Kids In Your Invitations

No matter what you choose when it comes to kids and weddings, making your choice clear in your invitation can cut down on potential confusion. For example, adding “and family” to the front envelope of your invitation can indicate your openness to welcoming children.

Ways To Keep Kids At Your Wedding Entertained (And Under Control)

If you do allow families to bring children to your wedding, planning for their presence can be helpful. Keeping people with kids in the same cluster of tables can help make them easier to monitor. Many couples will plan special activities to keep young guests from becoming bored during the reception, and more inclined to cause mischief.

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