Social Media And Your Wedding Day

Social media use has influenced how many people approach weddings. These online networks have had a big impact on how people share news and images, and many people can be eager to use them to share their experience at your wedding. Many couples will take advantage of this, even creating their own hashtags to help people organize and track photos online. Of course, you should not feel like you have no control over how social media is used. By communicating your preferences for cell phone and social media use, you can avoid confusion, and prevent people from sharing something you would prefer to keep offline.

What You Should Communicate To Your Guests

Letting people know your preferences as far as cell phone use, photography, and online sharing can help you prevent trouble in advance. For instance, many couples will ask that people refrain from taking photographs during the ceremony. After all, your professional photographer will be on hand to capture these moments. Requesting that people stay off their phones means it will be easier to capture their genuine reactions as you walk down the aisle.

Setting Rules For Yourself

Limiting your own cell phone usage before your ceremony can help you stay focused on your own preparations. To make this easier, you can choose a designated person to hold on to your phone. This will keep you offline, and allow someone else to field calls and texts from guests.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media

Social media can make it easier to share messages with guests. By creating a page for everyone to follow, you can easily send out updates, reminders, and other important notices. However, you should be careful not to become too dependent on these resources, as some guests may be less familiar with them, and more likely to miss out on messages.

Enjoy A Special Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

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