The Role Parents Of The Bride And Groom Play In Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Peary Photography

While their exact responsibilities can differ, parents of the bride and groom often have a significant part to play in planning your wedding, and in the day of the event. Tradition has often seen the parents of the bride shoulder the cost of the wedding, though this is certainly not a strict requirement. Your parents, and your partner’s parents, can help organize events, or even host them. During the day of your wedding, parents can have significant roles during the ceremony, and share special moments during your reception dinner.

The Role Your Parents Play In Planning Your Wedding

Parents will often help with the cost of certain events, and may even be responsible for planning them. The mother of the bride can organize your bridal shower (though this task can also fall to your maid of honor), and help with other activities. Both fathers may contribute to costs for events leading up to the wedding, and the day itself. Parents on both sides may take roles that see them helping the reception run smoothly.

Of course, the level of engagement from parents can certainly vary. Ultimately, their responsibilities will be a reflection of your relationship with them, and their ability to contribute. If you have different ideas about the part you want them to play, you can discuss your preferences with them.

Special Moments With Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

The walk down the aisle can be a touching moment, but this is not the only time parents of the happy couple will enjoy a little attention. The mother-son and father-daughter dances are popular moments in many reception dinners. A toast from one, or both, fathers often takes place during the reception as well.

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