Why Many Couples Prefer An Off-Season Wedding

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

While some couples will stick to tradition, and seek a date for their wedding that falls squarely in “wedding season,” many will explore off-season options. Off-season weddings are weddings that take place during the time of year where fewer weddings are taking place. This is often in the beginning of the year, between January and March. When you set your date around this time, you can find some unexpected advantages. One big reason people prefer weddings during this time of year is that they can find discounts on services, as there is less demand overall. You can also use the winter season to inspire a look that stands apart from those weddings that take place in the conventional warmer seasons.

How Couples Save Money By Holding An Off-Season Wedding

If you hold your wedding at a time when fewer people typically book a date, you can find vendors who have more room on their calendar, and more incentive to compete for your business. This can lead to a lower cost, which can be a relief for those budget-conscious couples.

Letting The Season Inspire A Different Wedding Look

Should you let the season inspire your approach to decorating your wedding? The influence of winter can help you move in a stylistic direction that is unexpected and breathtaking. Selecting a cooler color palate can instill a sense of elegance and simplicity. Of course, you can also liven things up by picking tropical colors that contrast the world outside. Seasonal touches are not limited to decorating, though. You may be inspired to offer winter cocktails, or to provide warm mugs of cocoa to guests arriving at your reception area.

Talk To Texas Old Town About Scheduling An Off-Season Wedding

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