Building Your Seating Chart For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Planning your seating chart for your reception can help build a fun, positive atmosphere during your wedding reception. Selectively arranging who sits where can ensure people have others they can bond with over dinner, while also making it easier to navigate the serving of foods. Making the right choices with your arrangement can be an understated, but important, part of planning. Of course, the seating arrangements are only temporary. Once meals have been finished, and the evening unwinds, there will be plenty of chances for people to move around, mingle, and be merry.

Benefits Of Charting Where Your Guests Sit During Your Reception

A seating chart can help keep people around familiar faces at your wedding. This is important, as your relatives, your partner’s relatives, and your friends may have relatively few overlapping interests. You can also make sure single people are not stranded among couples. Of course, you should not feel like you have to be totally strict with how you place people. There is nothing wrong with giving people a chance to meet someone new, or someone they might not interact with in other settings.

Make Sure You Set Aside Time To Make Your Seating Chart!

The arranging of your seating chart will have to wait until your guests have RSVP’d to your wedding, so you know who you need to account for. Unfortunately, this can sometimes leave couples with precious little time to make these arrangements. Thinking about what you want from your ideal seating arrangement before your guests RSVP can make the actual charting of seats easier for you.

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