Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 28!

On Sunday, January 28, Texas Old Town is hosting a special Bridal Garage Sale! During this event, you can shop for different items that can help you create a truly memorable look for your wedding space. This is also a great opportunity for brides to sell items they no longer need. Planning a wedding can be a costly and time-consuming task. Through our Bridal Garage Sale, Texas Old Town can help you find great deals, as well as inspiration. Once you find those perfect pieces for your ceremony and reception, you can do amazing things with your event spaces.

Finding The Right Items For Your Wedding Decorating Needs

During the Bridal Garage Sale, couples can identify items that work ideally as decoration at the reception area, as well as pieces they can use to improve their ceremony space. You can find the elements of the perfect centerpiece for your reception tables, or find a unique and exciting way to dress up the walk-in area when guests first arrive.

For people who have already enjoyed their special day, the Bridal Garage Sale can be a great opportunity to sell decorative pieces that are in need of a good home. This means enjoying more space at home, making extra money, and helping someone else create their wedding atmosphere.

We Aim To Give Couples Amazing Wedding Support

Texas Old Town is committed to helping couples have the best possible experience at their wedding. We encourage creativity from our guests, and fully support DIY wedding projects. We can also recommend vendors who can help you with planning and preparations. In addition to our Bridal Garage Sale, we will have a special Bridal Fair on Sunday, February 25, where you can meet with many talented vendors.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Enjoy Your Dream Wedding

At Texas Old Town, we offer amazing settings for a wedding, but we also offer dedicated support, including an advanced amenities package for our happy couples. Texas Old Town can help make sure that your wedding, special event, or corporate event is a terrific experience! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.