Determining The Right Number Of Guests For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

Setting the ideal size of your wedding will help you set a budget, and it can make it easier to envision how your ceremony and reception will play out. Of course, making that decision can come with its own challenges. If you keep your list on the short side, you will run into more tough decisions on who should be invited. That being said, it does become easier to limit costs, and you may feel more comfortable hosting a more intimate gathering. Choosing a large list means committing to a larger budget, particularly for food and drink services. Of course, this will make it easier to welcome more of the people you care about. No matter what guest size you choose, Texas Old Town can make it easier to celebrate your special day by helping you find wedding vendors, and by offering a fantastic amenities package.

Set Clear Rules For Who Should (And Shouldn’t) Receive An Invitation

Even a large wedding will need some sort of cut-off when it comes to who you should, and should not, invite. Having clear rules set for who should make the cut will limit potential arguments, and help you commit to tough decisions when it comes time to make your selections.

How Involved Should Our Families Be In Building Our Guest List?

If your family intends to offer financial support for your wedding, they may be interested in having more say when it comes to sending out invitations. If you expect to take input from your family, your partner’s family, from both, make sure your guest size makes space for people you might not think to invite. If your family is less involved in this respect, or if you and your partner intend to handle the costs on your own, you may prefer to exercise more control over who you invite.

You Can Have A Truly Special Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

You can host a truly special wedding day at Texas Old Town. We provide great ceremony spaces, and have reception areas that can welcome you and your guests to enjoy a wonderful celebration together. Our Austin event venue can make your wedding, special event, or corporate event truly memorable! To schedule a tour of our venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.