Dressing Your Groom (And The Groomsmen)

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

It may not be as memorable as the wedding gown worn by the bride, but the right outfit for the groom is still of high importance. Many people assume that the only appropriate outfit for a groom, and his groomsman, is a traditional tuxedo. However, you can make adjustments to this classic look. You may want more relaxed attire for a more relaxed affair. If your outdoor wedding is taking place during a warmer period, something lighter can be preferable. Your groomsmen can look similar to your groom, though they may be less formal. When it comes to groomsmen, you can unite their appearance with relatively small touches.

Choosing A Suit Style That Fits The Atmosphere Of Your Event

If you want to host a formal wedding, your groom’s attire should reflect this. The classic black tuxedo is an enduring fashion choice, though you may prefer a white jacket. Of course, a more relaxed affair may make a suit preferable to a tux. You should pay attention to how the groom’s suit or tuxedo matches the bride. After all, everyone’s eyes will be on the two of you at the altar, and you will take many photos together.

Taking Weather Into Account

Simply put, hot weather can make a heavier, more formal jacket difficult to bear. If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony in the summer months, you may want to take care to ensure your fashion choice is seasonally appropriate.

Can Our Groomsmen Gift Be Part Of Their Wedding Attire?

You can make life easier on your groomsmen, and provide a unified appearance at the altar, with a gift that doubles as wedding attire. Matching belts, or matching ties, can work well during your special day, but they can be of value to groomsmen well after your wedding.

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