How Involved Should Our Families Be In Planning Our Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Planning a wedding can be daunting; fortunately, you and your partner have each other for support. You can also seek help from the people in your wedding party, as well as family members. Traditionally, the bride’s parents will pay for many of the wedding expenses you incur, though the groom’s parents often help with the rehearsal dinner, and may offer help in other areas. Even if they are less financially involved, your family may want to be involved in planning efforts. This support can be welcome, but it can sometimes lead to conflict. By setting expectations early, and making your wedding desires clear, you can avoid potential stress, and have a special day that everyone can enjoy.

Relying On Family Members To Help Plan Events Leading To Your Wedding

Parents of the bride and groom can step in to help plan events like your engagement party, and your rehearsal dinner. That being said, if your family is less present in your wedding preparations, you can certainly turn to your bridesmaids for help in these matters.

Financial Support From Your Family

If you come from a larger family, or if your parents are not doing well financially, it may be hard for them to offer full support. In these instances, parents may instead offer to cover particular costs as gifts. Relatives can pay for your wedding dress, or take on the catering costs, even if they are unable to pay for everything. While tradition has seen the bride’s parents absorb the majority of wedding costs, many modern weddings see the groom’s parents offer to help. Regardless of who intends to pay for your special day, finding great deals for wedding supplies can be a big relief. Texas Old Town’s Bridal Garage Sale this Sunday will offer brides an opportunity to find important wedding items at great prices!

You Can Plan An Amazing Wedding At Texas Old Town

At Texas Old Town, you and your partner, and your respective families, can enjoy a magical wedding day experience. We are proud to offer great settings for your ceremony and reception dinner, as well as dedicated support before, and during, your special day. Texas Old Town is a great place to celebrate your wedding, and we provide great locations for special events and corporate events! To schedule a tour of our venue in Kyle, TX, call us today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.