Inspiration For Your Guest Book

Couples will use their guest book to create a lasting record of everyone who was able to attend their special day. Traditionally, a guest book provides a space to log their attendance, which can be taken home by the bride and groom. Of course, as people continue to find exciting new spins on their wedding celebrations, the nature of the guest book has changed to fit people’s tastes. When it comes to selecting your guest book, the main consideration you should make is how it fits in with the rest of your affair. If you want to bring a more modern, non-traditional approach to your special day, your guest book can certainly help with this.

What A Guest Book Offers To The Happy Couple

Your guest book will help you keep a record of your wedding by giving you an account of everyone who made it to your special day. If you prefer, you can also give attendees a space to leave a personal comment, or a chance to wish you well, giving you a more complete record of their role in your lives.

Taking A Modern Approach To The Guest Book

A modern guest book can deviate dramatically from the traditional “signature in a book” approach. You might want to provide a map where guests sign where they came from. You could make a small game of the event – if you haven’t disclosed the location of your honeymoon, let people add their guess as to where you might be headed. If you want to move away from signatures, you may want to create a photo guest book by having guests take pictures of themselves using a camera that provides instant film. Leaving their portrait behind can certainly help capture the spirit of your wedding.

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