Making Out Of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

Professional Photo By: Daniel C. Photography

While you are (hopefully) excited to see every guest who shows up for your wedding, you can feel especially appreciative of those who have to travel to attend. If you book a venue out of town, then you may have most, or all, guests traveling. However, even a local wedding is likely to bring in people who are not from the area. Couples will make different arrangements to make sure these people feel welcomed, and are cared for. That can include helping people find lodging, and giving them ideas for how to spend their trip when they are not involved in wedding activities.

Helping Traveling Guests Feel Settled

When communicating with out of town wedding guests, you can help them find good deals for their travel costs, and their lodging costs. In fact, you can make travel arrangements easier by providing an insert with your invitation that lists travel deals, and provides a list of area hotels. If someone is visiting the area for the first time, you can point them towards different fun activities they can enjoy before, or after, the wedding. This can be an especially nice gesture for those people who are using your wedding as a chance to enjoy some vacation time.

Showing Gratitude To The People Who Made Travel Arrangements To Attend Your Wedding

While everyone should have some of your time and attention during your wedding reception, take a moment to thank your out of town guests who are in attendance. This does not have to be a formal gesture – simply carving out some time to say thank you, and ask about their trip, can be meaningful.

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