Month: January 2018

Can You Create Your Own Decorations For Your Wedding?

Creating DIY wedding decorations has become a popular trend with many couples. With the right resources, and a knack for taking on craft projects, you could create your own table centerpieces, decorative signs, and even create your own table linings and cloths. Texas Old Town is proud to support those brides who are keen to… Read more »

Creating A Reception Space That Reflects Your Style

Tastes can vary among couples, which means different people can take dramatically different approaches to decorating their wedding spaces. The decorations you provide for your reception space can be especially important to you. After all, the reception is a time when there is less convention, and more freedom to interact directly with your guests. Creating… Read more »

Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 28!

On Sunday, January 28, Texas Old Town is hosting a special Bridal Garage Sale! During this event, you can shop for different items that can help you create a truly memorable look for your wedding space. This is also a great opportunity for brides to sell items they no longer need. Planning a wedding can… Read more »

Inspiration For Your Guest Book

Couples will use their guest book to create a lasting record of everyone who was able to attend their special day. Traditionally, a guest book provides a space to log their attendance, which can be taken home by the bride and groom. Of course, as people continue to find exciting new spins on their wedding… Read more »

What If I Don’t Want A Seating Chart For My Reception?

Is a seating chart always necessary for a wedding reception? There are certain advantages you can enjoy from setting up where everyone sits during the reception, but a chart is not mandatory. You may prefer to let people exercise freedom when it comes to where they sit. If you have a more intimate celebration, you… Read more »

Building Your Seating Chart For Your Reception

Planning your seating chart for your reception can help build a fun, positive atmosphere during your wedding reception. Selectively arranging who sits where can ensure people have others they can bond with over dinner, while also making it easier to navigate the serving of foods. Making the right choices with your arrangement can be an… Read more »

Dressing Your Groom (And The Groomsmen)

It may not be as memorable as the wedding gown worn by the bride, but the right outfit for the groom is still of high importance. Many people assume that the only appropriate outfit for a groom, and his groomsman, is a traditional tuxedo. However, you can make adjustments to this classic look. You may… Read more »

What To Consider When You Have A Larger Guest List

Different couples will have different preferences when it comes to their wedding size. A larger guest list for your wedding means having more of the people in your life there with you to celebrate your special day. Of course, approaching a wedding with a larger expected turnout can feel daunting. After all, you want to… Read more »

Things To Consider If You Plan A Smaller Wedding Event

One major decision all couples must make concerns the size of your event. While some people picture themselves surrounded by as many friends and family members as possible, others fantasize about a more intimate affair, where they can feel more connected to the people they feel close to. Choosing a smaller wedding can mean limiting… Read more »

Making Out Of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

While you are (hopefully) excited to see every guest who shows up for your wedding, you can feel especially appreciative of those who have to travel to attend. If you book a venue out of town, then you may have most, or all, guests traveling. However, even a local wedding is likely to bring in… Read more »