Should I Send Save-The-Date Cards For My Wedding?

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There can be some confusion when it comes to the sending of save-the-date cards to your intended wedding guests. Some couples can be unclear on what makes them different from traditional invitations, or what they should include in them. Essentially, save-the-date cards can make people aware that your wedding is coming up, and that you wish for them to attend. Because they go out relatively early in your planning stages, they can include less information, but by giving people early notice, you can make it easier for them to make whatever arrangements to be there for your special day. Not everyone will send save-the-dates for their wedding, but they can be particularly beneficial to people who have to travel, or those with busier schedules.

Situations Where Save-The-Dates Can Be Especially Helpful

One reason people will send save-the-date cards is that they want to make sure people can take care of anything that might prevent them from attending your wedding. This is especially beneficial if you have guests who need to travel to attend, or those who have to arrange for sitting services.

What Makes Save-The-Dates Different From Wedding Invitations?

Save-the-dates are less formal than the invitations you provide. This encourages a degree of creativity in their design. Because they are sent far in advance of the actual date, you are not obligated to list too much detailed information. That said, there are some pieces of information you should offer, such as the city you intend to be married, the date, and invitation details concerning whether they can bring their kids, or a date. You can also provide a link to your wedding website, if you have one available. You do not have to provide a specific location, or ask for people to RSVP, until you send the invitations.

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