Things To Consider If You Plan A Smaller Wedding Event

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One major decision all couples must make concerns the size of your event. While some people picture themselves surrounded by as many friends and family members as possible, others fantasize about a more intimate affair, where they can feel more connected to the people they feel close to. Choosing a smaller wedding can mean limiting your expenses, something budget-conscious couples enjoy. That said, this is about more than just cost. By keeping your guest list on the small side, you can make sure you have more time to interact with everyone at your wedding and reception. Limiting the number of invitations can also make your special day feel more intimate, and more personal.

A Smaller Wedding Can Help Limit Your Expenses

Because food and beverage costs can be a significant portion of your wedding expenses, a smaller guest list can make your celebration easier on your wallet. Simply put, ordering less food, and fewer bottles of alcohol, will let you save money, or put it into different parts of your wedding.

Arranging Your Guest List

Shortening your guest list can create the potential for some tough decisions when it comes time to send out invitations. Some couples will have a quiet ceremony, but use a larger engagement party, or a similar event, to share their joy with more people. Making it clear that your ceremony is limited in size can help people feel less bothered by their lack of an invitation.

Smaller Isn’t Always Easier!

A smaller guest list may not make life easier for you and your partner when it comes time to plan your wedding. Many couples who plan intimate ceremonies will still use wedding planners, to make sure everything is executed well. You can also talk to Texas Old Town about purchasing an all-inclusive wedding package.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Plan A Smaller, More Intimate Ceremony

At Texas Old Town, couples can enjoy a beautiful, intimate ceremony, or arrange for a larger celebration. We pride ourselves on offering great support, and amazing venues. Texas Old Town can help make sure your wedding, special event, or corporate event of any size is truly memorable! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.