What To Consider When You Have A Larger Guest List

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Different couples will have different preferences when it comes to their wedding size. A larger guest list for your wedding means having more of the people in your life there with you to celebrate your special day. Of course, approaching a wedding with a larger expected turnout can feel daunting. After all, you want to make sure you have time to speak to everyone, and you will need to plan accordingly for them. That being said, a larger wedding makes it easier to welcome more of the people you care about, and it can help make for a lively event.

Planning A Wedding With A Larger Guest List

Because the cost of food and drinks at your reception can be a notable part of your overall expenses, having more guests to satisfy can be more costly. You will also need to make sure your servers are prepared to tend to more people. Serving plated meals can help control the cost for food in this scenario, as your caterers will be able to exercise more control over how much food they need to purchase and prepare.

A Larger Guest List Means Sharing Your Special Day With More Friends And Family Members

If you and/or your partner have a larger family, a larger wedding can make it easier to celebrate with them, while still including friends in your celebration. One thing you should make sure you do is take time to speak with as many people as possible.

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