Month: February 2018

Capturing Moments And Memories From Your Wedding

The process of planning a wedding can demand a considerable amount of your time, and your attention. However, your ceremony and reception may breeze by before you realize it! Couples hire wedding photographers videographers so they have someone who can focus on capturing special moments and memories from your wedding. This work can create a… Read more »

Traditional Wedding Roles For Parents

Your parents will likely be involved in your wedding plans, as well as during the day itself. Traditionally, there are set roles for parents in your ceremony and reception, and they can be involved in the planning of pre-wedding activities. Of course, you are not beholden to tradition when it comes to your event, or… Read more »

Exploring Centerpiece Ideas For Your Reception

The spaces set to host your wedding ceremony and reception should provide the ideal backdrop for your sense of style. You can create a wonderful, picturesque view of you and your partner at the altar when you add the right touches to your ceremony space, and set the tone for your reception dinner with the… Read more »

Using Your Wedding Colors To Inspire Your Decorations

Decorating your wedding can help you set the perfect atmosphere for your special day, but this can be a difficult task. After all, with so many ways to put your personal touch on your ceremony and reception spaces, you can feel overwhelmed by your choices. You can find inspiration at our Bridal Fair this Sunday,… Read more »

Be Prepared To Address Issues On Your Wedding Day

Sticking to a plan to prepare you for your wedding can help you manage every responsibility you face leading to your big day. Professional support can help with this – you can actually meet with many different reputable vendors at our Bridal Fair this Sunday, and secure experts to help create your dream wedding. All… Read more »

How Do You Know You Have The Right Vendor?

When it comes to preparing for your wedding day, choosing the right people to support you can make a big difference. That applies to selecting members of your bridal party, as you want people you are close to, who you can also count on. Of course, it also applies to your selection of wedding vendors…. Read more »

Enjoy Access To Great Vendors And Deals At Our Bridal Fair!

On Sunday, February 25, Texas Old Town will open up and welcome area brides-to-be to check out our Bridal Fair! Our Bridal Fair event is tailored to suit the needs and interests of people looking to make real progress in their wedding planning. You can meet with vendors, and explore your options when it comes… Read more »

Making Effective Use Of Your Save-The-Dates

You may have some confusion over what makes your save-the-dates different from your actual wedding invitations, or feel unsure of if you even need to send them. If you have a short engagement period, your invitation may be fine on its own, but save-the-dates can help make sure the people in your life leave your… Read more »

Planning Amazing Dessert Options For Your Wedding

Your wedding cake can be an amazing sight to behold, and it can draw plenty of hungry stares from your guests. While the cake is one of the most recognizable features of your wedding reception, this is not your only option when it comes to providing dessert. Couples have found great success in experimenting with… Read more »

3 Questions You Might Have About Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations serve an obvious purpose, but you may have questions about how you should prepare yours. You want your invitation to provide all of the pertinent details of your wedding ceremony and reception, of course. After all, invitations that leave out the date, or time, of your wedding will certainly lead to some confusion!… Read more »