3 Questions You Might Have About Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations serve an obvious purpose, but you may have questions about how you should prepare yours. You want your invitation to provide all of the pertinent details of your wedding ceremony and reception, of course. After all, invitations that leave out the date, or time, of your wedding will certainly lead to some confusion! Couples can find themselves debating matters of when they should send them out, how they should look, and how they should be addressed. While the act of sending letters through the mail may feel old-fashioned, a classy, informative invitation helps establish that you are celebrating a special occasion. It also motivates people to act – an email can be lost among a person’s digital inbox, but an eye-catching physical invitation can draw more notice.

1. When Should We Send Out Invitations?

Sending out your invitation with too little time for someone to respond, and it can create scheduling conflicts for guests. Six to eight weeks of advanced notice should give the people in your life time to make sure your date is open, without being too far away.

2. Do I Really Need Save-The-Dates If I’m Going To Send Invitations?

If you want to make sure people know their invitation is coming, a save-the-date helps them keep your day open, even if you have yet to lock down finer details. This can be less necessary when your engagement period is shorter.

3. What Should I Include In Our Invitations?

Obviously, you will want to list the date, location, and time. You can handle more involved details on your wedding website, which you can provide in your save-the-dates. A small note about preferred attire (“black tie” or “casual dress”) can also be helpful.

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