3 Things To Consider If You Want A Child-Free Wedding

A wedding can be a memorable moment for the happy couple, and a wonderful celebration for friends and family. However, a wedding can be a less than ideal event for children, especially younger children. Many couples will make the decision to limit attendance to their wedding to adults, asking that people leave their children at home. This is not something you should feel obligated to do, but it is certainly within your rights to ask this of your guests. Doing so can help people, especially parents, relax and enjoy themselves. Of course, while you are certainly allowed to decide whether or not you want kids in attendance, you may need to take steps to make sure this is clear to the people you invite!

1. Make Sure Your Preference Is Clear

Make sure it is clear exactly who you are inviting when you send invitations to would-be guests. Extending your request to the [last name] family can be misleading – if you are inviting a couple with children, simply use both of their first and last names to add clarity.

2. You Can Still Have A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer

You do not have to deprive yourself of a flower girl and ring bearer just because you want to limit your invitations to adults. Many couples who have a child-free wedding will have have these participants play their roles during the ceremony, then have a designated space, with a sitter and entertainment, provided.

3. Be Prepared To Explain Your Choice To Guests

You may find yourself being asked to explain your decision to make your event strictly for adults. If pressed, you can explain that you are only able to welcome a set number of people, and limiting your event to adults means being able to invite more people you are close to.

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