Making Effective Use Of Your Save-The-Dates

You may have some confusion over what makes your save-the-dates different from your actual wedding invitations, or feel unsure of if you even need to send them. If you have a short engagement period, your invitation may be fine on its own, but save-the-dates can help make sure the people in your life leave your wedding day free well in advance of the date itself. The advantage of save-the-dates is that you can send them out before you have every detail concerning your reception and ceremony locked down. Well it may seem superfluous at first glance, your save-the-date can play a big part in helping make sure the people in your life are free to attend your ceremony. It can also be important for those who need to make travel arrangements to be there.

What Makes Save-The-Dates Different From Invitations?

There are several important differences between save-the-dates and regular invitations. The save-the-date can be sent out before you have every detail worked out for your wedding, as it simply asks that people leave the day clear in their calendars. You should also make sure to specify the location, especially if you have people who will be traveling to attend. You should be clear about who, specifically, you intend to invite, especially if you plan to have a child-free wedding. You can also provide a link to your wedding website.

Information You Can Save For Your Invitations

Your invitations will offer more specifics about the location, and the time of your wedding. While save-the-dates are great for general information, your invitation is a time to make details clear. Your invitation can also be when you solicit RSVPs from guests.

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