Providing Signature Cocktails At Your Wedding

Offering signature cocktails allows you and your partner to showcase your personalities, and add a fun surprise for your guests. You can exercise a considerable amount of freedom with your choices, creating custom names, and designing signs to advertise each drink. One thing you should remember is that your drink choices can impact the wedding costs you incur in support of your wedding reception. After all, if your special cocktail makes it necessary to purchase less common, or more expensive ingredients, you could see the difference in your final budget. That being said, these cocktails can be something that your guests remember fondly when they think back to your special day.

Different Bar Serving Options

You can explore different strategies when it comes to offering drinks to your guests during your reception. An open bar can be the most generous option, and the easiest one on your guests, but the expense may make some couples anxious. You may want to explore offering a limited bar service, where you restrict drink options – for example, offering only beer, wine, and your signature cocktails. Couples will also address the costs by limiting the amount of time the bar stays open. It should be noted that you will need to use Texas Old Town’s designated vendor if you opt for an open bar service.

Other Ways To Show Your Personalities During Your Reception

Signature drinks offer one way for couples to let their personalities shine, but there are other ways you can personalize your reception. You can integrate old photos of your and your partner into your decorations, or use them as the base for table centerpieces. Of course, traditional moments like the couples’ dance will certainly afford you time to let people see why you and your partner work so well together.

You Can Look Forward To A Great Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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