Should I Serve Food Buffet-Style At My Reception?

Your food and drink costs can make up a considerable portion of your budget. Your choices concerning what to serve can also have a big impact on the overall success of your wedding reception. With that in mind, these decisions can certainly place stress on couples working on planning their wedding. Texas Old Town can help relieve some of that stress by highlighting great vendors you can rely on. Of course, some choices are up to you. One option you can explore when planning your wedding is offering a buffet-style reception. This can create a more relaxed atmosphere, and it can help guests create a plate of food that they are excited about, rather than working around a less-favored side dish. 

Your Serving Choices Can Affect The Atmosphere Of Your Reception

If you would prefer to host a more formal affair, you may want to stick with the plated meal option, rather than a buffet style meal. Plated meals make it easier to control serving portions, which can save you money on the cost of food, but your serving expenses can go up. Buffet-style meals can help create a more casual, fun vibe during your reception. One thing you should know is that while the buffet option is less formal, guests will likely still expect you to provide arranged seating.

A Creative Self-Serve Station Can Be Great Fun For Guests!

If you have guests serving themselves at a buffet table, you may want to consider adding a little creativity to what you offer. Many couples have found success with self-serve options that allow guests to assemble something unique during their dinner, or even during dessert!

Enjoy A Beautiful Wedding And Reception Hosted At Texas Old Town

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