Things To Consider When You Make Your Guest List

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

When you start to plan who you want to attend your wedding, you can feel excitement as you begin to populate your image of your special day with the people you care about. That being said, you can also start to feel stress as this effort means starting to consider who might not make it onto your guest list. Of course, you may also be dealing with input from others as you try to record who you think should receive an invitation. If your parents are helping you cover the costs of your event, they may have ideas about who you should include. While the task of picking guests can fall to you, Texas Old Town can help when it is time to reach out – as part of our all-inclusive wedding package, we provide invitations for you!

Who Should Have Input When It Comes To Selecting Your Guests?

If your parents help you pay for your wedding, they can reasonably expect some say in who you invite. To avoid potential conflicts, set an agreed-to distribution of invites between you, your partner, and your respective parents before support has been provided.

Creating A Guest List For A Larger Wedding

Hosting a larger wedding can mean welcoming more of the people in your life to your wedding, but it means higher costs. Before you commit to a large guest list, make sure you are clear on how that number will impact your budget.

Creating A Guest List For A Smaller Wedding

A smaller wedding can mean that some people are inevitably left off your list. Create a set list of expectations for who should receive an invitation with your partner. For instance, if a friend has not met your partner, or if you have not spoken in the last year or more, they may be someone to take off your list.

Texas Old Town Can Host Your Amazing Wedding Day

At Texas Old Town, couples are able to enjoy a beautiful, special day surrounding by the natural beauty of Texas hill country. We are proud to offer great amenities, great spaces, and great support for everyone who comes to us. Texas Old Town is sure to make your wedding, special event, or corporate event something to remember! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.