Traditional Wedding Roles For Parents

Professional Photo By: Pine And Blossom Photography

Your parents will likely be involved in your wedding plans, as well as during the day itself. Traditionally, there are set roles for parents in your ceremony and reception, and they can be involved in the planning of pre-wedding activities. Of course, you are not beholden to tradition when it comes to your event, or your planning. You, your partner, and your respective parents can discuss different arrangements that work better for you when it comes to your special day. No matter what you decide, keep in mind that accepting support may mean agreeing to certain preferences your parents might have. That can affect your prospective guest list, but they may also want input on the look of your wedding. Discussing these desires before agreeing to support can help you avoid potentially awkward conflicts.

How Much Influence Should Your Parents Have In Planning Your Wedding?

Some parents may be more comfortable than others when it comes to handing over planning control to the happy couple. Knowing how they wish to be involved before agreeing to their help will make it easier to avoid conflicts. You should feel comfortable asking them for help you feel you might need. Having a parent available to help with something like meeting with vendors can help relieve planning stress!

Honoring Family Members During Your Ceremony And Reception

A father walking his daughter down the aisle is a memorable moment. The arrival of the mother of the bride will effectively announce that the procession is about to start. In some cases, couples will have the groom’s parents escort him down the aisle.

In cases where you want to acknowledge other family members, special boutonnieres can be used to subtly recognize their importance.

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