What Should You Expect From The Best Man And Groomsmen?

Professional Photo By: Pine And Blossom Photography

Bridesmaids, and the maid of honor, can take on active roles when helping plan your wedding day. What can be less clear is how the best man and groomsmen at your wedding – essentially, the other half of your wedding party – might be involved in planning activities. There will be some obvious responsibilities. After all, they will be responsible for purchasing wedding attire, and your groom-to-be can look forward to whatever scheme they have to provide a memorable bachelor party. Still, there are many tasks in front of you before – and during – your wedding day, and knowing how the best man and groomsmen can contribute can be a big help. 

The Best Man’s Responsibilities

Your best man can be a valuable ally when it comes to matters specific to your groom. He can help with the selection of wedding attire, and check in with the other groomsmen to make sure they have their attire purchased or rented. The best man will be in attendance at pre-wedding events, and can take on jobs during the ceremony and reception, like delivering payment to your officiant. Tradition often sees the best man deliver the first toast at the reception.

Responsibilities For The Groomsmen

Your groomsmen should be counted on to acquire their wedding attire, and ensure that it looks good on them, which means no rushing to make alterations at the last minute. While they may have fewer pre-wedding jobs, they can pick up smaller tasks on the day of your wedding. Some couples will ask groomsmen to serve as ushers before the event, and they may be tasked with fielding small questions from guests, particularly those who are trying to find their way around your venue.

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