What To Expect If You Offer A Plated Reception Dinner

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Having the freedom to create a wedding experience that suits you means you can create a truly special day. Of course, it also means having more tough decisions to work through as you make arrangements for your wedding ceremony and reception. You have leeway regarding what you serve at your wedding reception, and your food choices can go a long way towards establishing the tone for the evening. Of course, the way you serve your dinner is also meaningful; the choice you make can create a more or less formal atmosphere, while also impacting your budget. If you want to serve a more formal dinner, you may prefer to offer a plated dinner. This can be great for higher-end experiences, and it can help you control food costs, though your serving costs can rise.

Your Planning Choices Can Help Control How Formal Or Informal Your Event Feels

You can set the tone for your reception through your decorating choices, with your planned events, and with your approach to serving. Plated meals are typically provided in more formal gatherings. If you want your guests to feel more relaxed, you may prefer to serve dinner buffet-style, or family-style. With servers, you allow everyone to take a seat and interact with their table mates, though you will need to absorb the cost of having servers on hand to deliver meals.

Searching For The Right People To Hire For Your Wedding Needs? Texas Old Town Can Help!

No matter what you choose to serve at your reception, or how you choose to serve it, you will need to find a catering service you can count on. Texas Old Town wants to make sure couples have reliable support on their big day, so we offer a list of recommended vendors you can trust to execute your wedding vision.

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