What You Can Do If You Plan To Welcome Kids At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Not everyone wants kids at their wedding, but many couples are happy to enjoy their special day with youngsters in attendance. Welcoming people’s children can make it easier for them to attend – after all, there will be no need to find a sitter. Their unbridled enthusiasm and lack of restraint can also lead to some charming moments. Of course, these issues are also reasons people hesitate to include them! If you want to allow kids at your wedding, make sure you let people know in advance that this is encouraged. You should also take care to plan around their presence. Your wedding ceremony and reception can be more fun for everyone when your littlest attendees are having a good time, and not feeling restless or unruly.

Do I Have To Welcome Everyone’s Kids To My Wedding?

Welcoming kids at your wedding does not necessarily mean letting everyone with kids bring them along. You may only feel comfortable letting relatives and close friends bring their children with them, and that is certainly allowed. What you should do is make it clear when kids are welcome in your invitation. If people put up a protest, you can stand firm by citing your need to control the size of your guest list.

Designate A “Sitter” To Help Watch The Kids During Your Reception

If you have an older teen who will be in attendance, and feel they can be trusted, you can “hire” them to help watch younger guests. That can allow their parents to feel a little freer during the reception, and make sure kids are being monitored. Seating those with kids in the same area can also be helpful, as they will be less likely to scatter in search of possible playmates.

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