Month: March 2018

3 Important Musical Moments During Your Reception

Many choices await you as your plan your wedding. This is true for couples who want to enjoy a DIY wedding, and for those who rely on the valuable support of our all-inclusive wedding package. The reason for this is simple – this is your wedding day, and you should have your tastes reflected in… Read more »

Preserving Memories With Wedding Photography And Videography

Wedding photographers and videographers are able to capture precious moments from your wedding, and create a record of your special day you can hold on to for years. What makes these professional services worth your investment? While you may feel some temptation to rely on friends and family, remember that your guests will have a… Read more »

Creating Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have proven themselves to be a valuable resource for couples planning their special day. With your website, you can convey more information about your wedding than you could fit into an invitation. It also means you will be able to direct questions to the site, rather than having to give the same information… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Decide On Your Wedding Colors

Once you have your wedding colors selected, you will have an easier time visualizing the ways in which you plan to decorate your venue. These colors can tie together your ceremony and reception spaces, and they can help you convey the tone of your celebration. Warmer, bolder colors can help you create a more vibrant… Read more »

How Should I Approach The Reception Seating Chart?

Your wedding reception seating chart will help you make sure that your evening goes smoothly, and that dinner can start with minimal delay. Having guests assigned to specific seats will keep them from milling about for too long, which can be an especially big problem if you serve plated meals. With that said, this does… Read more »

Coordinating Planning Efforts With Your Partner

How should you and your partner divide planning responsibilities for your wedding? While people often imagine a wedding as something the bride is mostly invested in (and responsible for), this arrangement may not work for your relationship. Your respective schedules, as well as your preferences towards different aspects of your event, can influence who should… Read more »

Planning The Drink Options For Your Reception

People can be excited to see your wedding cake, and they can look forward to enjoying the food you serve at your reception. Of course, for many of your guests, what you have available to drink will also certainly be of interest. Different couples will take different approaches to stocking the bar, based on their… Read more »

Adding Extra Information To Your Wedding Invitations

There are some pieces of information that are essential in the invitations to your wedding. The date and time of your special day are crucial, as is the location where the event is being held. Of course, there is certainly more that you can bring up when you send these out to guests. You should… Read more »

Effectively Planning An Adults-Only Wedding

In many ways, it can be easier to plan a wedding event when you intend to make it adults-only. After all, you will not need to worry about children being bored during a long reception, or about providing food for notoriously picky eaters. However, it can be a challenge when you plan because you need… Read more »

3 Twists You Can Put On The Classic Wedding Reception

You can create a terrific evening for your guests at your wedding reception. After your ceremony concludes, your reception allows guests to meet each other, reconnect, or just bond over celebrating your special day. Of course, there are still a few formal moments to enjoy, with the cutting of the cake, toasts, and your first… Read more »