3 Important Musical Moments During Your Reception

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Many choices await you as your plan your wedding. This is true for couples who want to enjoy a DIY wedding, and for those who rely on the valuable support of our all-inclusive wedding package. The reason for this is simple – this is your wedding day, and you should have your tastes reflected in the experience. One area where your tastes are certainly important is in the music played during your special day. If you choose to have a DJ host your reception, they will put on plenty of hits for people to dance to. However, there will be key moments where you may want to have an exact say in what is performed.

1. Your Wedding Entrance Song

The choice you make for your wedding entrance song at your reception is up to you, but you should know that this is an opportunity to set the tone of your evening. You can play something fun and upbeat to create a more excited, casual atmosphere. Of course, if you want to keep your affair more formal, you may want to go with something classic, and with a more romantic vibe.

2. The Song For Your First Dance

Your first dance song can communicate the love you share with your partner. This is often an opportunity to showcase a song that is meaningful or significant to your relationship.

3. The First Song To Welcome Everyone To The Dance Floor!

If you have a dance floor, of course you want it full of excited, happy guests! Think about selecting something upbeat, and familiar enough to catch the attention of your guests. If you select something more obscure, or something that feels less festive, you may have guests who are slow to leave their tables.

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