3 Twists You Can Put On The Classic Wedding Reception

You can create a terrific evening for your guests at your wedding reception. After your ceremony concludes, your reception allows guests to meet each other, reconnect, or just bond over celebrating your special day. Of course, there are still a few formal moments to enjoy, with the cutting of the cake, toasts, and your first dance. While you can use tradition to guide the course of your reception, you can find opportunities to mix up traditions and provide everyone in attendance something a little different. You can make changes to how you approach your reception dinner, or bring in vendors to offer something fun, like a photo booth, for people to use.

1. Diversify Your Dessert Options

Your tiered cake can be beautiful, but you may have a hard time thinking of a flavor that everyone will love. With a dessert bar, you can lay out a range of different treats people can sample, and enjoy.

2. Exploring Different Types Of Photo Booths

A photo booth provides guests with a fun way to preserve memories of their time at your wedding. While people are flocking to the dance floor at your reception, people can sneak away to snap some quick photographs. You can find fun twists on the traditional photo booth – there are more modern booths that can create .gifs or slow-motion images, or you can go decidedly old school with a vintage camera booth setup.

3. Try Offering Family Style Meals

Making your reception dinner family style will encourage table mates to interact with one another. With serving trays sitting at the table, guests will have to talk to pick up their foods of choice. This small social push can lead to more chatter, and help people who haven’t met strike up a conversation.

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