Adding Extra Information To Your Wedding Invitations

There are some pieces of information that are essential in the invitations to your wedding. The date and time of your special day are crucial, as is the location where the event is being held. Of course, there is certainly more that you can bring up when you send these out to guests. You should have a request for them to RSVP, so that you can have an accurate head count for your special day. If you offer a plated meal that is pre-ordered, you can let people respond with their request in the invite. Other information can be helpful, too, though an invitation with too much detail can lead to some confusion. An all-inclusive package from Texas Old Town includes help with wedding invitations.

Making Sure Your Guests Know Everything They Need To Know Before Your Wedding

Some details can be important, even if they are not normally something you would expect to find in an invitation. For instance, can make sure people know they will be outdoors, so they can select the appropriate footwear. You can also point people to your wedding website, which can provide more details. The website can also house information on your wedding registry – this can save you the awkwardness of feeling like you are soliciting for gifts in your invitation!

Do I Need To Send Out Save-The-Dates?

Wedding invitations and save-the-dates are different cards, which offer different functions. Your invitation comes later, when more information about your special day is known, and can be shared. Save-the-dates are sent out relatively early, and they are less instructive. Your save-the-dates will simply let people know the city, and the time, of your wedding. This ensures they have the time they need to make arrangements to attend.

Invite Guests To A Beautiful Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

You can welcome your guests to a gorgeous wedding day at Texas Old Town. We offer beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces, and we offer spacious, party-friendly indoor spaces for your reception! Texas Old Town is proud to help our guests plan weddings, special events, or corporate events that are truly memorable experiences! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.