Effectively Planning An Adults-Only Wedding

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In many ways, it can be easier to plan a wedding event when you intend to make it adults-only. After all, you will not need to worry about children being bored during a long reception, or about providing food for notoriously picky eaters. However, it can be a challenge when you plan because you need to make your preference clear. While many couples have arranged child-free events, some parents may assume their kids are welcome unless it is made clear that this is not the case. You may also struggle with the question of if you can still have a flower girl and ring bearer if you prefer to keep your reception adults-only.

Can I Include A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer If Our Reception Is Adults-Only?

You should not feel like the inclusion of a ring bearer and flower girl means your plan to host an adults-only wedding has to be abandoned. With that said, you should take the added step of providing parent-approved care for the kids after the ceremony. That can include creating a special kids’ room with games and activities, or renting a nearby hotel room where the kids can be watched by a sitter. You should be ready to make all of these arrangements, and to clear them with parents.

Making Sure Parents Understand That Your Wedding Is Adults-Only

When you send out invitations, make sure you are clear about who is invited. If you want to limit your guest list to adults, an invitation addressed to a person’s family, rather to the respective parents, will cause confusion. Make sure you list exactly who is welcome, and be prepared to follow up with anyone who tries to RSVP on behalf of their kids.

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