How Should I Approach The Reception Seating Chart?

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Your wedding reception seating chart will help you make sure that your evening goes smoothly, and that dinner can start with minimal delay. Having guests assigned to specific seats will keep them from milling about for too long, which can be an especially big problem if you serve plated meals. With that said, this does put you in the position of having to create seating arrangements for your guests. How much effort should you put into keeping people who know each other together? Would it be better to let single guests mingle with each other, or will they feel separated from the rest of the party? A thoughtful, balanced approach to arranging your reception seats can keep your event smoothly run, and it can help you make sure guests have a great time.

Give Guests Easy Access To People They Know…

Some of your guests will have limited connections to the other people at your wedding, while others (usually family) will know more people than you can fit at one table. When it comes to planning your seating, try to avoid leaving someone in a position where they don’t know anyone – especially if the rest of their table mates are already familiar with each other.

…But Make Sure People Have A Chance To Mingle Outside Their Social Circle

While you want your guests to have friends at their table, you should be comfortable letting people acquaint themselves with people they have yet to meet. This does not mean you should throw people together in the hopes that they will enjoy each other’s company. Instead, think about what topic, or topics, guests at a particular table are likely to enjoy discussing, particularly when they are meeting people for the first time.

Planning Your Wedding And Reception At Texas Old Town

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