Making Sure Your Wedding Registry Matches Your Needs

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Guest registries are a long-standing tradition, and something your guests will look to as they prepare to help celebrate your wedding.  The right gifts can support couples preparing to live together as a couple. Of course, nowadays more couples choose to live together before being married, and more people wait until they are older to wed, meaning any people find themselves without strong needs when it comes to furnishing a home. If you and your partner already live together, or you already have your household needs fulfilled, what should you ask for from your registry? When discussing this with your partner, focus on what items of yours you might like to replace, and what items you might like to add. You can also explore alternative registry ideas, and modify this traditional gift request to better fit your needs.

Taking Stock Of What You Have, And What You Need, Before Creating Your Registry

How can you determine what you should ask for when you simply cannot think of anything you need? If you and your partner struggle to point out a necessary item you both lack, think about what you might want to replace, or explore what other items might benefit you. You can certainly register for something that feels more like a “luxury” than a necessity. After all, your guests want to make sure you receive gifts that make you happy, not just gifts that they feel you need.

Non-Traditional Gift Requests That Might Benefit You

You can certainly explore non-traditional alternatives to a wedding registry, as long as you make what you are asking for clear to your guests. Some couples will create a honeymoon fund, where guests help pay for the honeymoon instead of buying gifts. You can also set up a charity registry, where you share a link to a cause and ask guests to provide donations on behalf of you and your partner.

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