Planning The Drink Options For Your Reception

People can be excited to see your wedding cake, and they can look forward to enjoying the food you serve at your reception. Of course, for many of your guests, what you have available to drink will also certainly be of interest. Different couples will take different approaches to stocking the bar, based on their personal preferences, and their budgeting restrictions. While many people would like to offer an open bar with a wide selection, this can be difficult due to the cost. However, you can find ways to control your spending, while giving your guests something they are happy to hoist when it comes time to toast the new couple. 

Offering A Variety Of Beverage Options (Without Breaking The Bank)

The effort you make to stock your bar can put a real pinch on your overall budget. There are ways to compromise, and avoid spending too much. You may want to have a cash bar, or partial cash bar (for example, you could offer complimentary beer and wine, but charge for liquor). Limiting your liquor selection to beverages best used in cocktail mixes, or even keeping you menu limited to beer and wine, can also help. Texas Old Town will have a preferred vendor for you to use if you choose to host an open bar.

Providing His-And-Hers Cocktails

Offering his-and-hers cocktails can offer several advantages. If you limit yourself to these two cocktail selections, you can control how many mixers you need, helping you keep your spending managed. You can also encourage faster service, as guests will have a limited number of options to debate when they place an order.

Your Wedding At Texas Old Town Can Have Guests Raise Their Glasses To Celebrate Your Event

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