Providing A Great Cocktail Hour For Your Guests

The time between your ceremony and reception will often be used to take photos of the wedding party. This can keep you busy, but your guests may be in need of some activity to occupy their time while you create these lasting moments. Many couples have enjoyed success using a cocktail hour to entertain everyone before the reception. During this event, people will have a chance to mingle, catch up with friends and family members, and enjoy a quick snack to hold them over until dinner is served at the reception. You can add decorations to your cocktail space, and provide signature cocktails, which can improve your guests’ experience.

Providing Snacks Along With Drinks For Your Guests

Even if you host a short ceremony, you may have guests who are absolutely famished before dinner is served during your reception. Depending on the time of your event, and how busy certain guests are before your ceremony, they may have gone without a meal for longer than they prefer. In addition to offering cocktails, having appetizers can improve everyone’s mood, and make it easier for people to comfortably wait until your reception. You can discuss food appetizers with your caterer.

Because your cocktail hour drink menu can be limited, think about what you can serve that would be generally popular with your guests. Since they only have a few options to choose from, and a limited time before the reception, look to select beverages that are broadly liked, and can be quickly made.

Decorating Your Cocktail Hour Space

If you have a designated space for your cocktail hour, adding special decorations can make the event feel more formal, and more inviting. You will not need seating for all of your guests, but some seating options, along with high tables, can make your cocktail hour fun and accommodating.

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