Should You Decorate With Silk Flowers, Or Fresh Flowers?

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Flowers can be featured many times throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. You can use flowers to create centerpieces for your reception tables, to create a welcoming area for guests, and to dress up the stage where you say your vows. You face several choices when you select flower arrangements, and one big decision will be whether you should use silk flowers, or fresh flowers. While silk flowers can help you save money, many couples want the authentic look and feel of fresh flowers. Of course, this is not just a matter of cost – if you plan to create your own wedding decorations, using silk flowers can make it possible to work on pieces months in advance.

Planning Floral Arrangements For Your Wedding

Flowers can make a beautiful addition to your ceremony and reception spaces. One thing you should certainly do is think about how your flower arrangements work with your wedding colors. A stunning arrangement can attract attention for the wrong reasons if it clashes with its surroundings. You should also remember that fresh flowers can lose their look and form over time. If you have a longer wedding celebration planned, they can show signs of wilting if they do not receive proper care.

Creating Your Own DIY Decorations

You can enjoy potential savings, and showcase your talents, with DIY wedding decorations. If you plan to create your own flower arrangements, make sure you plan effectively. If you are committed to fresh flowers, you will have to procure your supplies close to your wedding date. Silk flowers give you the opportunity to work well in advance, and you will have time to change your plans if your decorations simply fail to line up with your vision.

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