Should You Let Your Bridesmaids Wear Different Dresses?

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

The tradition of having bridesmaids wear an identical dress is something many couples still hold to, but there is an increasing trend for the bride to allow some diversity in their attire. Having all of your bridesmaids in the same dress is a longstanding tradition, and it can help give your bridal party a unified look. Of course, giving them some freedom in dress choice means letting them find a style that better suits them, making them more comfortable and more confident. Your wedding is your day, but your bridesmaids are also standing at the altar, with eyes on them. You should be able to dictate style choices, but that awareness can give them strong feelings on whatever choice you make.

Creating Uniformity While Giving Your Bridesmaids Some Freedom To Choose Their Dresses

Giving your bridesmaids some freedom in their dress choices will not mean you have to allow them to show off wildly different looks at the altar. Many brides create compromise by selecting a dress color and fabric, and letting bridesmaids choose the style and cut of their dress. This can be an effective compromise when you have bridesmaids with different body types.

Making Sure Everyone Looks Their Best During The Ceremony And Reception

The dress is not the only style consideration facing your bridal party. Make sure everyone has time to meet with hair and makeup stylists. You can make sure this process runs smoothly by creating a time line for everyone to have their hair and makeup done. If you have bridesmaids in different dresses, some variety in hairstyles can be encouraged. If the dresses are uniform, look to give them a hairstyle that matches as closely as possible.

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